Associato of help for Ukrainian Doctors

Association of help for Ukrainian Doctors

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Sad loss…

Today we lost 4 of our friends. The convoy of one of the organisations we support (the Hospitallers) was hiit by a shelling

Prepare for winter

Even when temperatures are still high, many of our #fieldmedics are already preparing for winter…

Why is your help needed?

As you know: already since 2014, Ukraine has been involved in an ongoing war in its Eastern regions, which has extended since February 24th, 2022 to the whole country.  Thousands of people have died and been injured as a result of the battle, which has also severely impacted the mental and emotional health of those […]

Another succesfull delivery – to Yuzhnoukrainsk and Kramatorsk

2023 already started “in overdrive” for us. On January 2nd, our 2 founding volunteers, travelled with a fully loaded ambulance with medical aid and equipment to Ukraine. An urgent request for help came from the city hospital in Yuzhnoukrainsk (in Mykolaiv region). Yuzhnoukrainsk is currently about 50 km from the front line and is thereforeone of the […]

Generators for Kramatorsk

Last week we were able to deliver an additional 4 generators to our good friend and field-medic Brandon Mitchell who is working on the front lines in the Kramatorsk region as part of the Hospitallers Battalion. (instagram:

Next tour to Yuzhnoukrainsk planned!

On January 3rd, 2023 two of our volunteers will make another tour to Ukraine – this time to Yuzhnoukrainsk to bring an ambulance and several pieces of medical aid and supplies to the multidisciplinary hospital there. It will be a long tour, as they have to go back by train to Poland. Only because of […]

A blessed CT Scanner!

Last week the leader of the “Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church” visited the Mykolaiv Oblast (region). He also stopped by to be informed about and bless the restored CT Scanner. An example was shown that the scanner is able to detect shell-fragments which can be removed by surgery. Dunlee #ctscanner #ukraine #hospital #slavaukraini