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Association of help for Ukrainian Doctors

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Another succesfull delivery – to Yuzhnoukrainsk and Kramatorsk

2023 already started “in overdrive” for us. On January 2nd, our 2 founding volunteers, travelled with a fully loaded ambulance with 
medical aid and equipment to Ukraine. An urgent request for help came from the city hospital in Yuzhnoukrainsk (in Mykolaiv region). Yuzhnoukrainsk is currently about 50 km from the front line and is therefore
one of the few hospitals with working X-ray and CT scanners, which can help the injured of war activities within a 200km radius. As a result, the pressure on this hospital is very high.

Together with you we could support the hospital so that it can bring the urgent medical support needed, continuously! Bandages, painkillers, stretchers, heart monitors, 2 generators and blood-bearing tourniquets are already in use!

In addition to the ambulance, we could take several more generators for our contacts in Kramatorsk and they also are already there and in used. One of our field doctors is currently active in this region for direct medical help. Since the electricity network is regularly hit by missiles, alternative approaches such as generators and Power Stations (which we brought in November 2022) very important. Without electricity, medical help becomes very, very difficult.

What do we want to do in the coming weeks:
– We have the opportunity to buy a LandRover converted into an ambulance from France. Since the streets through the war very
gone bad, such vehicles are the best for bringing patients from the field to hospitals. We try to raise the CHF 12’500 needed
together in January – so that we can have service, tires and such done before transport.
– Generators remain incredibly important. We have found a supplier in Switzerland who also has larger, professional generators to acquire. We’re trying to raise around CHF 10,000 for that too.

As always, your help is greatly appreciated – we cannot do our activities without you. We are aware that many of
have already donated a lot to you – but every € or CHF is important! Thank you for your continuous support.